PURE Genetic Lifestyle

Company: dpdk
Year: 2015

“PURE Genetic Lifestyle is a company that provides an evidence-based, scientific, health-guided customization for sustainable improvement of the quality of life and subjective perception of health.” (Puregeneticlifestyle.nl)

For this company we started from scratch. Part of this project were the development of their corporate identity, a website, a personalized back office, a resellers environment and the automatic creation of a personalized book.

The challenges in this project were among other things the complex legal, technological and logistical processes. DNA is being sent to international laboratories and private data is being exchanged on several servers, so proper security was indispensable.

My role in this project was the management of the different teams of interaction designers, designers, copy writers, developers and testers. I was closely in touch with the project manager of PURE, planning and securing deadlines and deliverables, adjusting directions where needed.


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